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Off-Line CV/CC QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated Primary-Side Switch, Synchronous Rectification and FluxLink Feedback


Product Details

Features - BV: 750 V, AR: 90 %/Auto Restart, OVP: 120 %/Auto Restart, OTP Response: Hysteretic Restart


Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 85.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, 230V 85.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, Univ 75.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, Univ 75.00 W
Switching Frequency (min) 25.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max) 95 kHz
Breakdown Voltage 750 V
Voltage - Output (Min) 5.00 V
Voltage - Output (Max) 24.00 V
Voltage - Input (Min) 85 V
Voltage - Input (Max) 265 V
Auto-Restart & Overvoltage Response Auto-restart
Auto-Restart Threshold 90%
Cable Drop Compensation 0 mV
IC Package InSOP-24D
Internal Switch Yes
Over-Temperature Response Hysteretic
PowiGaN? Yes
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Control Scheme Fluxlink
Protection Features
Input Overvoltage
Input Undervoltage
Open SR FET Detection
Output Overload
Output Overvoltage
Output Short Circuit
Output Undervoltage
Output Profile CC
Topology Flyback
Product Sub-Type PMIC
MSL Rating 3
Secondary Response Auto-restart