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1SD1548AI UL

Single-Channel SCALE-1 Driver Core

Product Details

The 1SD1548AI IGBT driver is based on CONCEPT's highly approved SCALE-1 chip set that was developed specifically to enable IGBTs to be reliably-driven and safely operated. The driver features a high gate current of ±48 A and a high power output of 15 W. It has been specially developed for high-frequency applications (e.g. resonant converters) with a high gate power requirement or for high gate-current driving applications (e.g. parallel connection of high-power IGBT modules).
The driver features electrical isolation between the control electronics and the power section. The gate voltage is ±15 V.
The driver is equipped with a programmable Vce-monitoring function for protection against short circuit and overcurrent.
The integrated, electrically-insulated DC/DC converter supplies a drive power of 15 W.

Highest Reliability
SCALE-1 drivers have been established as an industrial standard since 1999, and the 1SD1548AI has been proven in numerous industrial and traction applications.

Supported Module(s) Any
Max Switching Frequency 150.00 kHz
IGBT Voltage Class 1700 V
Technology SCALE-1
Product Type Driver Core
Power - Output/Channel (Max) 15.00 W
Interface Type Standard Transformer
Module Housing Any
IGBT Manufacturer Mitsubishi/Powerex Toshiba Dynex Danfoss Fuji Hitachi IXYS Infineon ABB
Number of Channels 1

1200V - 1700V