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Active Clamp IC with Integrated High-Voltage Switch, Pairs with InnoSwitch4 Family of Offline Switcher ICs


Product Details

The ClampZero IC pairs with the InnoSwitch™4 family of ICs to eliminate energy wasted due to switching losses in the clamp and primary switch. This dramatically improves power supply efficiency – easily exceeding 95% - while maintaining the flexibility and low component count of the flyback architecture.

The ClampZero IC is an active clamping circuit which recycles otherwise wasted leakage inductance energy. The ClampZero incorporates a high-side power switch and level shifted self-biased controller which receives communication from a low-side transceiver connected to the InnoSwitch4 primary controller.

By ensuring zero voltage switching across all line and load conditions and in both CCM and DCM operating modes, ClampZero combines with InnoSwitch4 to implement a highly flexible active clamp flyback solution. In a typical application paired with the InnoSwitch4 IC, the low switching losses permit use of a high switching frequency, minimizing the physical size of the transformer and resulting in an extremely small PCB footprint.

Product Highlights

Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

  • Eliminates switching losses in InnoSwitch4 primary switch
  • Captures and recycles leakage inductance energy
  • Dramatically improves power supply efficiency
  • Interfaces seamlessly with InnoSwitch4
  • Powered directly from InnoSwitch4 BYPASS pin
  • Self-biased at start-up
  • Operates in both DCM and CCM modes

Advanced Protection / Safety Features

  • Integrated temperature sensing and hysteretic thermal shutdown

Green Package

  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 75.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, 230V 70.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, Univ 70.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, Univ 75.00 W
Switching Frequency (max) 140 kHz
Breakdown Voltage 650 V
Voltage - Input (Min) 85 V
Voltage - Input (Max) 265 V
IC Package MinSOP-16A
Internal Switch Yes
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Topology Flyback
Product Sub-Type PMIC
MSL Rating 3