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LED Driver Wiring

Posted by: Aubreyhu on 12/02/2021

Hi, all
Anyone know what type of driver i would need for 3 x 1w 350 m/A leds wired in series.
I search the video to watch the person who wired these and get theoretical support from LED Driver Circuits Design I'm trying to do the job, been in touch with the manufacturer and they want £120 for the driver and reckon delivery will be about 5 weeks, anything I could pick up from a standard wholesaler?

Thank you in advance.


Submitted by PI-Bombadil on 12/14/2021

Hello Aubreyhu,


Thanks for reaching out to Power Integrations. Are you trying to build the LED driver circuit on your own or are you just looking for available LED drivers in the market then do you own wirings?

If you're simply asking for the ratings of the driver, the 1W 350mA LED means you have around 3V drop for each LED, which would make around 9V if 3 are connected in series. You would need then at least 10V rated LED Driver, maybe a 12V driver is more common. Also, make sure that the current rating will not exceed 350mA to avoid potential damage to the LEDs.

If you are trying to build your own driver circuit, you might want to check out LYTSwitch products of Power Integrations, such as LYTSwitch-6. For example, you can start your design with DER-617, which is 24V 350mA rated. You can then trim down the output voltage to 10V-12V to suit your application.