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36W LED driver using LNK409EG

Posted by: surelyn on 03/27/2012


I am designing a 36W dimmer-able LED driver using LNK409EG, this design is based on DER256. Now I encountered a problem that I was not able to make the output power high enough, It only gets about 14W at maximum input voltage. This driver works perfectly except output power is too low. Could you give some instructions for getting higher output power?

Thanks in advance!


Submitted by PI-Skywalker on 03/29/2012

DER254 is non dimmable 15W design, and DER285 is non dimmable 30 W design.

You might want to review DER286 for the higher output power design using LNK409.

RD195 is dimmable 15 W design using active damper and passive bleeder circuits.

Please review these two reference designs for dimmable 36W design using LNK409.