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Any insights on AC to DC Power Converters used in CCTV systems?

Posted by: jannieee9320 on Tue, 10/26/2021

Hey, we have a CCTV setup at our property. The property doesn't have a direct electrical connection. It is a warehouse, and there won't be any activities during the nights. So the only electricity needed is for the CCTV system. The place got the system installed by some CCTV services in Bangalore. We bought the warehouse with CCTV installed. So after purchasing it, we had the maintenance works done with the help of another agency. Sometimes, AC to DC power converters is used in CCTV applications, especially when the installer needs to run power to a DC-powered camera too long for DC power to run. It seems the CCTV at our building has an AC to DC convertor. This security camera uses a 24VAC power source, so Generally, is there any chance of voltage drop? At the camera end of the cable,  an AC to DC power converter is connected; what is for that? Is it for devices that require DC power?  Although CCTV Camera Pros sells these power converters mainly for video surveillance systems, these are generic converters, so is it possible to use with any electronic device?


Submitted by PI-ZBDelta on Wed, 10/27/2021

Hi jannieee9320,

I believe you are working with a dual voltage CCTV which can work with 24Vac or with 12Vdc power supply.

An AC supply would allow you to use a longer cable without voltage drop.

You can use any converter as long as it has the correct output voltage.