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Power integrations should instigate worldwide take up of domestic power supply industry

Posted by: treez on Sat, 12/26/2020

It is known that Power integrations is fantastic, and yet does not sell that much really….because most power supplies come from China and use Chinese ICs, not chips.
By the way, the Chinese are absolutely honourable and have done nothing wrong here and are simply being used by the west because of Chinese skill and hard work.
However, it is bad for any country to buy most of its power supplies in from China. All countries should design their own power supplies. However, in the West, all trade is based on capitalism….in other words, unless you can make a very big profit, then you don’t bother investing in a business…so nobody invests in a power supply business in the west because the profits are not big enough….you could break even, but who in the west wants to just break even?…nobody. The western investors can make more money middle-manning power supplies in from China…so that is what they do…and power integrations suffers less profits because Chinese power supplies don’t use power integrations chips….also, western power electronics industries die off because there are no power electronics engineers….who wants to train for an industry that got sold off to China?.....nobody, because there is no jobs.
When countries sell off their power supply industry to China…the only ones who benefit are the middle men.
So what should be done, is all countries should get their government to back an internal power supply design industry. (it would at least be able to break even) The benefits would be from the fact that the power supply engineers that it trains with experience would be useful to other industries who need power supplies and power electronics kit…unlike now where eg Boeing and Airbus cannot find engineers in the western world to make led drivers for planes…because there is no local power supply industry for the engineers to train in because it all got sold off to China….similarly, there would be more power electronics engineers for many other industries, (including Green Energy industries) , and all stemming from the government backed power supply industry based on power integrations chips.
(As discussed, this could at least break even so would not need Government "funding", just Government "backing".)
With power integrations chips, this government backed power supply industry could be a reality…and would mean more profits for power integrations…….so why does power integrations not lobby western governments about this?

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Submitted by PI-ODO on Tue, 01/05/2021

Hi treez,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Having a government-backed power supply industry is an interesting idea and could have many benefits, as you noted. An explicit lobby from Power Integrations, however, may appear rather self-interested, and our focus is really on creating the best products. That said, we do support industry associations such as the PSMA, where manufacturers collectively promote activities benefitting R&D and jobs for more power electronics engineers.