California Reviews Title 20 Computer Regulations Effective January 1, 2018

November 15th, 2017

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has recently reviewed computer efficiency regulations that will soon go into effect. A webinar conducted by the CEC’s Efficiency Division staff, covered the definitions, test methods, performance requirements, reporting requirements, and the certification process for high-expandability computers, mobile and rack-mounted workstations, and small-scale servers.

Video: No Neutral Smart Wall-Switch with LinkSwitch-TN2

November 1st, 2017

This new video by Power Integrations illustrates a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) wall switch compatible with no-neutral wiring. The design is based on Power Integrations’ LinkSwitch™-TN2 offline switcher ICs which incorporate a 725 V rated power MOSFET and have a quiescent consumption of less than 75 µA.

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Power Integrations 在馬來西亞開設新的生產支援與研發中心,藉此擴大了亞洲市場

October 17th, 2017

Power Integrations 這家節能型功率轉換領域的高壓積體電路領導廠商,今日宣佈在馬來西亞檳城開設新址。該工廠將用作生產支援與研發中心,以及公司用來管理其亞洲供應鏈的營運中心。檳城辦事處進一步擴大了 Power Integrations 的全球足跡,其中包括位於矽谷 (這也是這家公司的總部位置)、加拿大、瑞士和英國的研發中心,位於菲律賓和德國的設計支援中心,以及全球各地的 19 個現場實驗室。在本月初,公司正式啟用了該工廠,開幕儀式由尊貴的檳城首席部長林冠英先生主持。


Power Integrations 推出無中性線的無線牆面切換開關,適用於智能居家照明控制

October 17th, 2017

Power Integrations 宣佈推出一項新的參考設計 DER-622,說明了與住宅改造設施中最常見的線路情況相容的智能牆面切換開關。DER-622 展示了 Bluetooth® 低耗能 (LE) 牆面切換開關,在待機模式下的消耗量不超過 500 µA。設計以靜態消耗量不超過 75 µA 的 Power Integrations LinkSwitch™-TN2 離線式切換開關 IC 為基礎。IC 的超低電流消耗和高效輕負載可確保與額定功率低至 3 W 的節能 LED 燈泡相容,非常適合無中性線的牆面切換開關線路。

Power Integrations 的 LED 照明產品行銷總監 Hubie Notohamiprodjo 表示:「智能牆面切換開關和在場感測器等照明控制產品在提高住家和建築的能源效率方面發揮著重大作用。許多住家的線路與現有產品不相容或需要重新佈線,導致成本增加以及產品無法使用。LinkSwitch-TN2 的簡潔性及其超低的電流汲取實現了僅限精緻線路的智能切換開關解決方案,其與低功率 LED 燈泡和無中性線線路彼此相容。」

Whitepaper Now Available - Learn About the Innovative Features of PI's SCALE-iDriver

October 12th, 2017
Power Integrations has just released a whitepaper discussing the advantages of its SCALE-iDriver IC. SCALE-iDriver’s FluxLink interface and eSOP package provide reinforced galvanic isolation for switching semiconductors up to 1200 V. SCALE-iDriver also offers very high electromagnetic interference (EMI) and magnetic field immunity. To learn about other features of this innovative technology, download the whitepaper now.