New 10 W Embedded Power Supply Design for Appliances

January 18th, 2017

PI has released a new Design Example Report (DER-572) that demonstrates a solution for small and large appliance supplies using LinkSwitch-CV, an off-line switcher featuring accurate primary-side constant-voltage (CV) control. The 10 W design has a high level of component integration, high power density, efficiency, and configurability.

Features include:

全新 LinkSwitch-XT2 離線返馳式切換開關 IC 系列可提供高精確度和高效率

January 17th, 2017

Power Integrations 今日推出其 LinkSwitch™-XT2 離線式低功率轉換器 IC 系列,可提供高精確度、高效率及優異的無負載效能。LinkSwitch-XT2 IC 專用於輸出電壓和電流調節精準度非常重要的隔離和非隔離返馳式應用。全新的 IC 可在廣泛的輸入範圍設計中提供高達 6.1 瓦的功率,並為 230 VAC 開放式架構應用提供高達 9.2 瓦的功率。

資深產品行銷經理 Silvestro Fimiani 表示:「LinkSwitch-XT2 IC 的精確度、小尺寸、效率及優異的無負載效能使其成為微波爐、IoT 應用、電錶及工業和智慧住家安裝等小型電器的理想選擇。」

Efficiency Harmonization Continues Between Canada and the U.S.

January 10th, 2017

Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations now include an amendment updating the efficiency standards of 20 current product categories. Amendment 13, published in late December 2016, becomes effective on June 28th of this year. Amendment 13 harmonizes current Canadian efficiency standards with existing or recently published U.S. efficiency standards for a number of residential, commercial/industrial, and lighting products.

For further details, visit the Green Room.


December 12th, 2016

加州能源委員會 (California Energy Commission, CEC) 預計會核准加州第一部涵蓋電腦、監測器和招牌顯示器的強制性標準。CEC 計劃在 12 月 14 日的商務會議上對是否採用該標準進行投票。