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Power Integrations提供了大量资源来支持离线式电源设计。使用下面的信息可加速您的设计。


产品资料包括数据手册、应用指南、产品简介和无铅产品信息。应用指南是分类性文件,主要涉及Power Integrations产品在不同应用设计中遇到的具体问题。


设计范例部分包含的文件描述了由Power Integrations应用工程师使用我们的电源转换IC进行的电源电路设计、安装以及测试。

设计范例报告提 (DER) 供电源设计规格、原理图、材料清单、变压器资料及PCB电路板布局。此项设计已经过测试安装并提供性能资料与典型操作特性。

参考设计套件包括一个可以工作的电源转换器、IC样品、PCB裸板、数据手册、完整的工程报告、PI Expert设计软件和其他相关文件。

PI 样品快递

Power Integrations样品快递库旨在以尽可能最快的方式提供产品样品。


To simplify the design-in process for development engineers using SCALE-2 gate driver cores, Power Integrations offers a variety of reference designs optimized for particular applications and/or power module packages. Each reference design comes with a complete set of documentation, CAD and test data, significantly shortening gate driver time. Our website is continually updated with new designs covering applications such as photovoltaic, Wind Power, UPS, GPD and many more. Topologies supported include standard 2-level systems in single and parallel configuration as well as 3-level designs and multilevel configurations.

On request, dedicated reference designs for IGBT, MOSFET and SiC MOSFET power modules and discrete components are available, specifically to suit your applications and requirements.

  • Ready-to-use designs
  • Schematics, Gerber files and Bill-of-Materials included
  • 3D STEP files available
  • Designed in accordance with IEC standards
  • Based on SCALE-2 and SCALE-2+ gate driver cores

See reference designs.


Power Integrations provides numerous types of material and tools to assist in the process of creating power supplies.  These include reference designs (with circuit schematics, board layouts, magnetics construction and characterization data), design tools, design software, applications guidelines, and other items to assist customers with design, evaluation and production.  PI’s worldwide field application engineers also collaborate closely with end customers to develop and engineer new leading-edge products.  Through the community forums and design support pages on our website, PI offers design tools, design and design engineering services, and technical advice in the field of integrated circuits and power electronics.  Visit our forums to get help with your design and engineering needs for these families of PI products: CAPZero™, ChiPhy™, DPA-Switch™, Hiper™, InnoSwitch™, LinkSwitch™, LinkZero™, Qspeed™, SENZero™, TinySwitch™, and TOPSwitch™.