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Dual-channel SCALE-2+ driver core, highest integration level for inverter designs from 37 to 110 kVA, integrated short-circuit soft shutdown function

Product Details

The dual-channel gate driver core 2SC0106T, equipped with the new SCALE™-2+ chipset, is a high-performance two-channel IGBT/MOSFET gate driver core for 1200 V IGBTs in the 37 kW to 110 kW power range. The 2SC0106T drives 600 V to 1200 V IGBTs with collector currents up to 450 A and switches at frequencies up to 50 kHz.

The new SCALE™-2+ technology enables soft shutdown (SSD) to be implemented in the event of a short circuit without requiring additional components. This is particularly beneficial in applications with low stray-inductance where full Advanced Active Clamping – a method invented by CONCEPT for shutting down IGBTs or MOSFETs in a controlled manner under any circumstances - may not be necessary.

UL-recognized under E321757 for UL508C and E346491 for UL60950-1 is planned.

Max Switching Frequency 50.00 kHz
IGBT Voltage Class 1200 V
Technology SCALE-2+
Power - Output/Channel (Max) 1.20 W
Interface Type Electrical
Number of Channels 2
Gate Peak Current (Max) +6 A
Product Type Board
Product Sub-Type Driver Core
Supported Module Type
N-Channel MOSFET
Main/Peripheral N/A
Supported Topologies 2-level Voltage Source
Paralleling Support?
Protection Features
Basic Active Clamping
Soft Shutdown
Short Circuit
Conformal Coated? Yes
Driving Mode Direct-Independent
Supply Voltage (Typ) 15.00 V
Gate Turn-on Voltage +15.00 V
Gate Turn-off Voltage --10.20 V
Time - Output Rise 20.00 ns
Time - Output Fall 13.00 ns
Isolation Technology Galvanic
Isolation Type Reinforced
Gate Boosting?
Gate Peak Current (Min) -6