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Single-Channel SCALE™-1 Plug-and-Play Driver

This product is in End-of-Life status and is no longer available.
Suggested Alternative: 1SP0635

Product Details

1SD536F2 single-channel, plug-and-play IGBT drivers are ultra-compact, high-performance and intelligent. They support 2-level, 3-level and multilevel converters and have been designed to precisely and reliably drive high-power, high-voltage IGBT modules packaged in standard 130 x 140 mm or 190 x 140 mm housings, while delivering optimum protection.

1SD536F2 drivers are based on CONCEPT's sophisticated SCALE-1 driver chipset. Drivers are fully equipped with protection functions including: Vce-monitoring for short-circuit protection; operation inhibit after fault; and supply undervoltage shut down.

1SD536F2 series drivers feature an active clamping function, offering rugged and high-performance protection for costly IGBTs. 

1SD536F2 drivers are equipped with a di/dt feedback that reduces the high di/dt during IGBT turn-off. This feature is particularly useful for high-power modules equipped with trench-gate IGBTs. High di/dt at turn-off leads to high voltage surges, strong oscillations and can cause EMC issues. 

Operating the gates with a bipolar control voltage (typically ±15 V) allows the IGBT modules to be driven reliably with a high level of immunity to interference. 

The on-board DC/DC converter provides a self-contained, insulated power supply for the driver circuitry.

Fiber-optic Interface Options
Fiber-optic links provide electrical insulation of the command and status-feedback signals. Two versions of fiber-optic interfaces are available: Versatile links and ST links. For details, please check the product documentation.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 130x140mm and 190x140mm IGBTs
  • 2-level, 3-level and multilevel topologies
  • ±15V gate driving
  • Advanced Active Clamping function
  • di/dt feedback during IGBT turn-off
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Supply undervoltage lockout
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • Signal fiber-optic link
  • Fiber-optic status feedback
  • Reliable, long service life