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Single-Channel SCALE™-1 Driver Core

This product is in End-of-Life status and is no longer available.
Suggested Alternative: 2SC0435T

Product Details

IGD616 is a highly-integrated single IGBT driver core based on CONCEPT's proprietary SCALE-1 technology - established as an industrial standard since 1999.
IGD616 has been developed to be a direct replacement for CONCEPT’s IGD608 and IGD615 products, providing a smooth upgrade path and enhanced reliability. The driver core is optimized to match various IGBTs and applications from 100 A / 1200 V to 1000 A / 1700 V and beyond.
Compatibility with IGD608 / IGD615 Gate Drivers

IGD616 is available with different options.
Option N and Option I select between non-inverting and inverting inputs respectively. It is no longer possible to interchange the IN+ and IN- inputs to invert the logic.
On the secondary side, any fault state is extended by a period known as the command blocking time. During this time, the driver is kept in the off-state. The command blocking time is set by CONCEPT to a nominal value of 22ms. Other values are available on request. It is no longer possible for the user to adjust the blocking time.
With Option T, the signal transformer interface is used to transfer the secondary fault signal to the primary side. This transfer may be performed at each change in the command signal, but only during the blocking time. For option C, an optocoupler is used to transfer the secondary-side fault state to the primary side with a delay time of typically 20μs. The optocoupler reduces the initial creepage distance and the maximum operating voltage.

Highest Reliability
SCALE-1 technology has been established as an industrial standard since 1999, and is proven in numerous industrial and traction applications.

Key Features

Direct replacement of IGD608/615
Suitable for IGBTs up to 1700V
Interface with 15V logic level
Non-inverting schmitt-trigger inputs
Optionally inverting inputs
Gate drive capability 16A, 6W
Short-circuit and overcurrent protection
Supply undervoltage lockout
Isolated DC/DC converter
Command signal transmitted via transformer interface
Fault signal via transformer interface or optional optocoupler
22ms blocking time at fault with custom-specific time options
Reliable, long service life