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Energy-Efficient, Accurate Primary-Side Regulation CC Switcher LED Lighting Applications


Product Details


LYTSwitch-2 dramatically simplifies low power CC LED drivers by eliminating the optocoupler and secondary control circuitry. The family introduces a revolutionary control technique to provide very tight output current regulation, compensating for transformer and external component variations, and device parameter tolerances as well as input voltage variations.

The device incorporates a 725 V power MOSFET, a novel ON/OFF control state machine, a high-voltage switched current source for self-biasing, frequency jitter to reduce EMI, cycle-by-cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuitry into a monolithic IC.

Product Highlights

Accurate CC Regulation (< ±3% typical)

  • Transformer inductance variation
  • External component changes with temperature
  • Input line voltage variations – this ensures accurate regulation in production

Highly Reliable, Small Size Designs

  • Eliminates the optocoupler and secondary CC control circuitry
  • Eliminates control loop compensation circuitry
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI filter cost
  • Programmable switching frequency reduces transformer size
  • 725 V Switching MOSFET enables clampless flyback designs

Advanced Protection/Safety Features

  • Auto-restart protection reduces power delivered by >90% for output short-circuit and control loop faults (open and short-circuit components)
  • Hysteretic thermal shutdown – with automatic recovery
  • Reduced field returns
  • Meets high-voltage creepage requirements between DRAIN and all other pins both on the PCB and at the package

EcoSmart™ – Energy Efficient

  • No-load consumption <30 mW1
  • No current sense resistors – maximizes efficiency

Green Package

  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant package


  • LED bulbs, downlights, luminaires, ballasts and T8 tubes


Breakdown Voltage 725 V
IC Package SO-16B
Mounting Type Surface Mount