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Single-Stage LED Driver IC with Combined PFC and Constant Current Output for Buck Topology


Product Details

The LYTSwitch™-1 family is ideal for single-stage, high PF constant current LED bulbs and tubes.

The family incorporates a high-voltage MOSFET with a variable on-time CrM controller. Extensive protection features with minimum external components provide industry leading power density and functionality. The devices can be used in high-side or low-side non-isolated buck topology.

The CrM operation results in low turn-on losses and reduces cost of output diode (slower reverse recovery).

Device power capability is related to the output voltage as illustrated in Table 1. The internal current limit of the device dictates the size selection based on output voltage and power.


Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 22.00 W
Breakdown Voltage 725 V
IC Package SO-16B
Mounting Type Surface Mount