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Zero No-Load Consumption Integrated Off-Line Switcher IC


Product Details


LinkZero-LP, an upgrade to PI's popular LinkSwitch-LP, incorporates new technology which enables the device to automatically enter into and wake up from no-load mode while disipating less than 5 mW - substantially less than the IEC definition of zero no-load power consumption. The tightly specified FEEDBACK pin voltage reference enables universal input primary side regulated power supplies with accurate constant voltage from 5% to full load. Start-up and operating power are derived directly from the DRAIN pin which eliminates start-up circuitry. The internal oscillator frequency is jittered to significantly reduce both quasi-peak and average EMI, minimizing filter cost.

Product Highlights

Lowest System Cost with Zero No-Load

  • Automatically enters zero input power mode when load is disconnected
  • Simple upgrade to existing LinkSwitch-LP designs
  • Very tight IC parameter tolerances improve system manufacturing yield
  • Suitable for low-cost clampless designs
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI filter cost
  • Extended package creepage improves system field reliability

Advanced Protection/Safety Features

  • Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection – automatic recovery reduces field returns
  • Universal input range allows worldwide operation
  • Auto-restart reduces delivered power by >85% during short-circuit and open loop fault conditions
  • Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
  • High bandwidth provides excellent transient load response with no overshoot

EcoSmart – Energy Efficient

  • No-load consumption as low as 4 mW at 230 VAC input*
  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations with no added components
  • ON/OFF control provides constant efficiency to very light loads


  • Chargers for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, power tools, MP3/portable audio devices, shavers, etc.

* IEC 62301 Clause 4.5 rounds standby power use below 5 mW to zero.


Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 3.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, 230V 3.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, Univ 3.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, Univ 3.00 W
Breakdown Voltage 700 V
Voltage - Input (Min) 85 V
Voltage - Input (Max) 265 V
Auto-Restart & Overvoltage Response Latch Off
Cable Drop Compensation X
IC Package SO-8C
Internal Switch Yes
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Over-Temperature Response Hysteretic
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Control Scheme Primary-side
Control Features
Cable Drop Compensation
Frequency Jittering
Auto-Restart/Latching Fault Response
On/Off Control
Protection Features
Output Undervoltage
Input Overvoltage
Input Undervoltage
Output Overvoltage
Output Short Circuit
Output Open Loop
Output Profile CV/CC
Topology Flyback
Product Sub-Type PMIC
Secondary Response Auto-restart