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Off-Line CV/CC ZVS Flyback Integrated Switcher IC with 750 V PowiGaN, Active Clamp Drive and Synchronous Rectification, Pairs With ClampZero Active Clamp IC


Product Details

The InnoSwitch™4-CZ family of ICs partners with the ClampZero family of active clamp ICs to dramatically improve the efficiency of flyback power converters, particularly those requiring a compact form-factor. The InnoSwitch4-CZ family incorporates primary and secondary controllers and safety-rated feedback into a single IC.

The combination of InnoSwitch4-CZ with ClampZero greatly reduces system and primary switch losses, allowing for extremely high power densities. InnoSwitch4-CZ also incorporates multiple protection features including output overvoltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown. Devices are available that support the common combinations of latching and auto-restart protection mode required by applications such as chargers, adapters, consumer electronics and industrial systems.

Product Highlights

Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

  • Zero voltage switching (ZVS) flyback controller with driver for ClampZeroTM (active clamp IC)
  • Robust 750 V PowiGaNTM primary switch
  • Steady-state switching frequency up to 140 kHz minimizes transformer size
  • Synchronous rectification driver and secondary-side sensing
  • Integrated FluxLinkTM, HIPOT-isolated, feedback link
  • Exceptional CV/CC accuracy, independent of external components
  • Adjustable accurate output current sense using external sense resistor

EcoSmart – Energy Efficient

  • Up to 95% efficient
  • Less than 30 mW no-load consumption including line sense Advanced Protection / Safety Features
  • Open SR FET-gate detection
  • Fast input line UV/OV protection

Optional Features

  • Variable output voltage, constant current profiles
  • Auto-restart or latching fault response for output OVP/UVP
  • Multiple output UV fault thresholds
  • Latching or hysteretic primary over-temperature protection

Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • Reinforced isolation >4000 VAC
  • 100% production HIPOT testing
  • UL1577 and TUV (EN60950) safety approved
  • Excellent noise immunity enables designs that achieve class “A” performance criteria for EN61000-4 suite; EN61000-4-2, 4-3 (30 V/m), 4-4, 4-5, 4-6, 4-8 (100 A/m) and 4-9 (1000 A/m)

Green Package

  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 100.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, 230V 90.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, Univ 80.00 W
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, Univ 90.00 W
Switching Frequency (max) 140 kHz
Breakdown Voltage 750 V
Voltage - Output (Min) 3.00 V
Voltage - Output (Max) 24.00 V
Voltage - Input (Min) 85 V
Voltage - Input (Max) 265 V
Auto-Restart & Overvoltage Response Auto-restart
Auto-Restart Threshold 3.45V
Cable Drop Compensation X
IC Package InSOP-24D
Internal Switch Yes
Over-Temperature Response Latch Off
PowiGaN? Yes
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Control Scheme Fluxlink
Protection Features
Open SR FET Detection
Input Overvoltage
Input Undervoltage
Output Short Circuit
Output Overload
Output Profile CC
Topology Flyback
Product Sub-Type PMIC
MSL Rating 3
Secondary Response Latch Off