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Combined Two-Switch Forward and Flyback Power Supply with Integrated High Voltage MOSFETs

This is an active product with a newer version available.

Product Discontinuation Information

Production of HiperTFSwill end after June 10, 2020. Please contact your local PI sales office for smales to help migration to the replacement products.

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The HiperTFS device family members incorporate both a high-power two-switch-forward converter and a mid-power flyback (standby) converter into a single, low-profile eSIP power package. The single chip solution provides the controllers for the two-switch-forward and flyback converters, high- and low-side drivers, all three of the high-voltage power MOSFETs, and eliminates the converter's need for costly external pulse transformers. The device is ideal for high power applications that require both a main power converter (two-switch forward) up to 414 W, and standby converter (flyback) up to 20 W. HiperTFS includes Power Integrations' standard set of comprehensive protection features, such as integrated soft-start, fault and over-load protection, and hysteretic thermal shutdown. HiperTFS utilizes advanced power packaging technology that simplifies the complexity of two-switch forward layout, mounting and thermal management, while providing very high power capabilities in a single compact package. The devices operate over a wide input voltage range, and can be used following a power-factor correction stage such as HiperPFS.

Product Highlights

Key Benefits

  • Single chip solution for two-switch forward main and flyback standby
  • High integration allows smaller form factor and higher power density designs
    • Incorporates control, gate drive, and three HV power MOSFETs
    • Level shift technology eliminates need for pulse transformer
    • Protection features include: UV, OV, OTP, OCP, & SCP
  • Transformer reset control
    • Prevents transformer saturation under all conditions
  • Allows >50% duty cycle operation
    • Reduces primary side RMS currents & conduction losses
  • Standby supply provides built-in overload power compensation
  • Up to 434 W total output power in a highly compact package
    • Up to 550 W peak
    • High efficiency solution easily enables design to meet stringent efficiency specifications.
    • >90% efficiency at full load
    • No-load regulation and low losses at light-load
  • Simple clip mounting to heat sink without need for insulation pad
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


  • PC
  • Printer
  • LCD TV
  • Video game consoles
  • High power adaptors
  • Industrial & appliance