How to disable TinySwitch-4 ?

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How to disable TinySwitch-4 ?

I need to be able to switch off  power supply controlled by TinySwitch-4. Need to turn off power during measurement and for a few seconds. The question is how?

Is it possible to shut down the source by LED in PC817, (design as rdr295)

For example, using the transistor in parallel to the TL431 ?


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TinySwitch-4 Disable

You can stop the device from switching by modifying either the Input Undervoltage Lockout feature or by modifying the Output Overvoltage feature on the device.  Both are detailed in the product datasheet.


However, these features only disable switching of the device.  If you goal is to completely turn off the IC, you need to remove the input voltage of the power supply.  Even with switching disabled, the IC will still consume a small amount of current from the Drain pin to power the internal circuitry of the IC. 



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