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LinkSwitch-LP Data Sheet

Lowest Component Count Switcher for Linear Transformer Charger Replacement

LinkSwitch-TN2 Data Sheet

Highly Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Integrated 725 V / 900 V MOSFET and System Level Protection for Low Component-Count Power Supplies

LinkSwitch-TNZ Data Sheet

Energy Efficient Off-line Switcher IC with Best-in-Class Light Load Efficiency and Lossless AC Zero-Cross Detection

LinkSwitch-XT2 Data Sheet

Energy Efficient, Low Power Off-Line Switcher IC With Integrated System Level Protection

LinkZero-AX Data Sheet

Zero Standby Consumption Integrated Off-Line Switcher IC

LinkZero-LP Data Sheet

Zero No-Load Consumption Integrated Off-Line Switcher


600 V, 3 A Q-Series PFC Diode


600 V, 5 A Q-Series PFC Diode


300 V, 6 A Q-Series Diode


600 V, 8 A Q-Series PFC Diode

LQA10T150C, LQA10N150C

150 V, 10 A Common-Cathode Diode


200 V, 10 A Common-Cathode Diode


300 V, 10 A Q-Series Diode

LQA12T300C, LQA12B300C

300 V, 12 A Q-Series Common-Cathode Diode


300 V, 16 A Q-Series Diode

LQA20T150C, LQA20N150C

150 V, 20 A Common-Cathode Diode


200 V, 20 A Common-Cathode Diode

LQA20T300C, LQA20B300C

300 V, 20 A Q-Series Common-Cathode Diode


300 V, 30 A Q-Series Common-Cathode Diode

LQA30T150C, LQA30B150C

150 V, 30 A Common-Cathode Diode