Intellectual Property Licensing

External PI Value

External PI Value is intellectual property exclusive to Power Integrations (PI) which can assist in:

  • Reducing BOM costs while using PI chips
  • Improve time to market
  • Increase reliability of PI designs
  • Assist in saving power and meeting new energy regulations

What is the license?

A royalty free license to use "External PI Value" in conjunction with PI parts in the same circuit

  • No signature or other action is required.
  • No license is extended for use with non-PI chips.

Download the license.

External IP List

   Shroud for a Bobbin Download PDF
   ClipSwitch Download PDF
   Active Shunt Surge Protection Download PDF
CV-CC Soft Transition
   Soft Transition between Constant Current and Constant Voltage Download PDF
Direct Sensing Non-Isolated LED Driver
   Direct Sensing Non-isolated LED Driver Download PDF
   Dual Output Buck Converter Download PDF
   E-Shield™ for Low EMI Transformer Structure Download PDF
   Advanced E-Shield™ with Multi-Balance Windings in Multi-Output Transformer Download PDF
   Multi E-Shield™ to Reduce Displacement Current & EMI Download PDF
   Reduced Displacement Current & Improved EMI with No Additional Winding Download PDF
   Shield Tuning Download PDF
   Adjustable Bulk Input Capacitance Controlled from High Voltage Bus Download PDF
HiSide Configurations
   HiSide™ Configurations Download PDF
Partial Overlapping Windings
   Partial Overlap Windings Download PDF
   PWM Interface Module for Digital Dimming Download PDF
   Enhanced Active Preload for TRIAC Stability Download PDF
   Energy Recovery of Dimmer Turn-on Spike Download PDF
   Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Dimmer Detection and Bleeder Activation Download PDF
   Tapped Inductor with Switch Download PDF
   StackFET™ with Split Input Capacitors Download PDF
   Shared Clamp Reset Circuit Download PDF