Intellectual Property Licensing

External PI Value

External PI Value is intellectual property exclusive to Power Integrations (PI) which can assist in:

  • Reducing BOM costs while using PI chips
  • Improve time to market
  • Increase reliability of PI designs
  • Assist in saving power and meeting new energy regulations

What is the license?

A royalty free license to use "External PI Value" in conjunction with PI parts in the same circuit

  • No signature or other action is required.
  • No license is extended for use with non-PI chips.

Download the license.

External IP List
C-Balance – Capacitor Voltage Balancing Circuit Download PDF
E-Shield – Transformer Construction Techniques for Low EMI – 3 techniques:
  • Primary E-Shield™
  • Series E-Sheild™
  • Bias E-Shield™
Download PDF
LowDrop-CC – Low Voltage Drop CC circuit Download PDF
Diode-CC – Low cost secondary CC circuit Download PDF
CableComp – Cable Drop Compensation Circuits Download PDF
FilterFuse – Low Cost Input Filter/Fuse Configuration Download PDF
Tight CV Load Regulation Download PDF
HiSide – 2 High Side Circuit Configurations:
  • HiSide -V
  • HiSide -I
Download PDF
FlyForward – Extends input range of FlyForward converters Download PDF