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BMS Icon 배터리 관리 시스템 PI's reinforced isolated flyback and non-isolated buck converter products are idea for generating internal low voltage supply rails. The extremely low no-load consumption and high efficiency reduce background discharge of the HV battery.
AC & Auxiliary Converter Icon 에어컨 및 보조 DC-DC 컨버터 As the market leader for integrated power supply solutions, Power Integrations has developed its own automotive power supply solutions for these applications. We offer these as galvanic isolated FlyBAck controller devices and Buck converter ICs.
OBC Icon 온보드 충전기 (OBC) Power Integrations offers low component count, isolated and non-isolated integrated flyback and buck controller ICs ideal for the internal housekeeping supplies within an OBC. With the move to 800 V vehicle architectures, these solutions can operate at input voltages above 1000 V.
DC-DC Converter 주요 고전압 DC-DC 컨버터 Depending on the specific architecture either reinforced isolated or non-isolated supply rails are required to be created from the HV system voltage which makes the 1000 V input capable solutions from Power Integrations ideal.
Off-Board Icon 차량용 충전기 The power electronics in an off-board HSDC charger consist of an PFC active front end, DC-to-DC converter and internal auxiliary housekeeping supplies. Gate drivers, flyback and buck solutions capable of operating at up to 1200 V are ideal for these designs.
Traction Inverter 트랙션 인버터 Power Integrations offers automotive qualified gate drivers and power supply ICs for the traction inverter which increase efficiency while saving space and cost and meeting functional safety. Reinforced isolation, extended creepage distance packages meet latest requirements for vehicles moving to 800 V architectures.