HiperPFS-3 Power Factor Correction ICs from Power Integrations Target Light-Load Performance

Power Integrations today announced its HiperPFS-3 family of power factor correction ICs, which offer high power factor and high efficiency across the entire load range. Targeting applications with continuous power demands up to 405 W for universal input and 900 W for high-line, the ICs feature efficiency levels of better than 95%, from 10% load to full load, and consume less than 60 mW under no-load conditions. A power factor of above 0.92 is easily achievable at 20% load.

NRDC Report Confirms That Energy Vampires Are Still at Large

In this week's blog, Mr. Green takes a look at a new NRDC report that revisits the subject of energy vampires – electronic products that continuously suck power out of wall outlets. While progress has been made, the report concludes that such energy waste is still a problem.

To learn how much energy is being wasted and what products are to blame, read Mr. Green's blog.

CAPZero-2 IC Safely Discharges X Capacitors up to 6 µF

Power Integrations today announced CAPZero™-2 ICs, the next generation of its CAPZero line of innovative, two-terminal, X capacitor discharge ICs. CAPZero-2 ICs increase design flexibility by covering a wide range of applications and output power. Featuring an expanded X capacitor range from 0.1 µF to 6 µF, a rating of 1 kV breakdown voltage which allows for a transient voltage capability of 6 kV, CAPZero-2 ICs withstand severe line surges and swells.