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Venable model 350 system 5060 software

Posted by: Eric Rullens on Wed, 05/29/2019

This is a long shot, but I recently salvaged a Venable model 350 system 5060. Unfortunately the software to operate it is missing. I asked Venable about this, but their response can be summarized as "go take a hike".

Now I noticed that in some PI design notes, this system was used to create the gain/phase graphs. So I was wondering if the software still is available at PI somewhere and, if so, someone would be willing to post it?

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Submitted by PI-ODO on Wed, 05/29/2019

Hi Eric,

The Venable network analyzers we use these days are more recent models, for example, the 6305. Even if we managed to dig out the old system, I believe a separate license from Venable would still be needed in order to operate the system to gather new data or save files. Such a license may even be tied to the software serial number.


Submitted by Eric Rullens on Mon, 06/03/2019

Thank you very much for the reply. Sure, I understand re using the newer models. They are much more capable. However for me the challenge is to get the older unit working and have an (educational) look at the performance some power supply designs.
When looking at the old (i.e. v4 or older) software manuals, it seems that the software registration in those days was tied to the instrument serial number and a unique number generated from the PC the software is running on. The current software indeed requires another separate software licence number.
I'd be happy with running older software to get going. So maybe you can (pretty please?) have a look and see if older software is available at PI somewhere? If it doesn't work we can say we tried...

Submitted by PI-ODO on Wed, 06/26/2019

Hi Eric,

We were finally able to get a response from Venable, and they had to renew our installation for the older model 350. This allowed software to be installed on the PC. Because the software is node locked to the PC by serial number, you should contact Venable ( to see if they can help you for your specific equipment. Once they reset your license key, you should be able to activate newly installed Venable Stability Analysis software from their website, This version will work with Windows 7,8 and 10. The website says Version 5.5, but you should get 5.6 (just posted).