Our LED Driver ICs offer:
  • High efficiency - typically >90%
  • Phase-controlled TRIAC analog and PWM dimmability
  • Single-stage power factor correction (PFC) combined with accurate constant current (CC) output
  • Highly integrated for low component count
  • Compact size
  • Fast start-up time
  • Long lifetime
  • Design-in made easy with PI Expert design tools

Power Integrations' range of highly integrated high power constant current LED driver ICs for use in applications where offline power supplies work from lowline, highline, wide range, or extended range input voltage. Topologies include: boost, buck, buck-boost, tapped buck, and flyback.

An introduction to PI lighting solutions, providing answers to key LED lighting issues faced by designers today.

Designs for Your Applications

Design Power (W) Output (V) Form Factor
Power (W) Output (V) Form Factor Description
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