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Plug-and-play gate driver for paralleling of 100x40 mm IGBT/SiC modules up to 3.3 kV


Product Details

Product Portfolio

Isolated Master Control

Product Voltage Class Gate Power
2SI0400T2A1C-33 3300V 2 x 4 W

Module Adapted Gate Driver

Product Power Module Technology Voltage Class Current Class Package Power Mdule Supplier
2SM0120D2C0C-FMF750DC-66A SiC-MOSFET 3300 V 750 A LV100 Mitsubishi

SCALE-iFlex Cable

Product From-To Connector Pins Length
IMCC61-050-1 IMC to MAG Molex connector, Milli-Grid 6 500 mm
IMCC81-050-1 IMC to MAG Molex connector, Milli-Grid 8 500 mm
MAGC61-015-1 MAG to MAG Molex connector, Milli-Grid 6 150 mm
MAGC81-015-1 MAG to MAG Molex connector, Milli-Grid 8 150 mm



Supported Module(s) FMF750DC-66A
Max Switching Frequency 25.00 kHz
IGBT Voltage Class 3300 V
Technology SCALE-2
Product Type Plug-and-Play Driver
Power - Output/Channel (Max) 4.00 W
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 ℃
Temperature - Operating (Max) 85 ℃
Interface Type Electrical
Module Housing LV 100
Options Info

Gate Driver for 1.2 kV to 3.3 kV IGBT & SiC Dual Power Modules

IGBT Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Number of Channels 2

Dual-Channel Gate Driver. Data Sheet describes 2SI0400T2xxC (IMC) and 2SM0120D2xxC (MAG) products.

Gate Peak Current (Max) +750 A