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Up to 5 A Single Channel IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver Providing Reinforced Isolation up to 1200 V IGBT and MOSFET

Product Details

The SID1102K is a single-channel IGBT and MOSFET gate driver in an eSOP wide body package. Reinforced galvanic isolation is provided by Power Integrations’ innovative solid insulator FluxLink™ technology. Up to 5 A peak output drive current enables the product to drive devices with nominal currents of up to 300 A. Booster stages are available for gate driver requirements that exceed 5 A, AUXGL and AUXGH output pins drive external N-Channel MOSFETs up to 60 A.

Controller (PWM) signals are compatible with 5 V CMOS logic, which may also be adjusted to 15 V levels by using external resistor divider. The secondary side voltage management provides bipolar gate driver voltage from +15 to -10 V while only a +25 V unipolar voltage is required. The +15 V gate drive voltage is regulated by the chip internal Vee voltage regulator. An undervoltage log out turns off the gate signal and keeps the IGBT or MOSFET in a safe operation.

Current - Output (Max) 5.00A
Switching Frequency (max) 75 kHz
Supported Gate Blocking Voltage(s) 600, 650, 1200
IC Package eSOP-R16B
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 125 °C