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Single-Channel SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play Driver for 4500 V Press-Pack IGBT (PPI) Modules

Product Details

The 1SP0351 single-channel plug-and-play gate driver is based on the SCALE-2 chip set. It is optimized for operation of 4500 V Press-Pack IGBT power modules from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Westcode and ABB.

The gate driver features optical interfaces and a built-in DC/DC power supply with basic isolation. Enhanced level of protection is provided by implemented short-circuit monitoring.

Power Integrations’ Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping allows an extended DC-link voltage range in IGBT off-state for up to 60 s.

Supported Module(s) T2000BB45G
Max Switching Frequency 2.00 kHz
IGBT Voltage Class 4500 V
UL Compliant compliant
Technology SCALE-2
Product Type Plug-and-Play Driver
Power - Output/Channel (Max) 1.80 W
Interface Type Fiber Optic
Module Housing Press-Pack
IGBT Manufacturer IXYS UK Westcode
Number of Channels 1

Single-Channel IGBT Driver

Gate Peak Current (Max) +50 A
Product Type Board
Product Sub-Type PnP Driver
Supported Module Type IGBT
Supported Topologies
2-level Voltage Source
3-level NP-Clamped - Type 1
3-level NP-Clamped - Type 2
Multi-Level NP-Clamped
Paralleling Support?
Protection Features
Dynamic Adv Active Clamping
Short Circuit
Conformal Coated? Yes
Driving Mode Direct-Independent
Connection Type to IGBT Cable
Supply Voltage (Typ) 15.00 V
Gate Turn-on Voltage +15.00 V
Gate Turn-off Voltage --9.40 V
Voltage - DC Link Off state (60s) 4000.00 V
Isolation Technology Galvanic
Isolation Type Basic
Gate Boosting?
Gate Peak Current (Min) -50