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Dual-Channel SCALE™-1 Plug-and-Play Drivers for 130 x 140 mm Dual IGBT Modules

This product is in End-of-Life status and is no longer available.

The 2SB315B is a dual-channel driver based on CONCEPT's 2SD315AI SCALE driver core, a proven technology for the reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs. Drivers are fully-equipped with protection functions including: Vce-monitoring for short-circuit protection; operation inhibit after fault; and supply-undervoltage shutdown. 

The driver is matched to dual IGBT modules measuring 130 mm x 140 mm. Plug-and-play configuration allows immediate operation after mounting, so the user needs to invest no time and effort in designing or adjusting the driver for a specific application.

The driver supplies a gate current of ±15 A. Operating the gates with a bipolar control voltage (typically ±15 V) allows the IGBT modules to be driven reliably with a high level of immunity to interference.

The drivers feature an active clamping function, offering rugged and high-performance protection for costly IGBTs. 

The on-board DC/DC converter provides a self-contained, isolated power supply of 3 W per channel.
The driver supports two independent driver channels or a half-bridge with internal dead-time generation.

Fiber-optic Interface Options
Fiber-optic links provide electrical insulation for the command and status-feedback signals. The fiber-optic interfaces ensure high noise immunity.
Two versions of fiber-optic interfaces are available: Versatile links and ST links. For details, please check the product documentation.

Highest Reliability
SCALE drivers have been established as an industrial standard since 1999. They have been used in numerous industrial and traction applications.

Key Features

  • Suitable for IGBTs up to 1700V
  • Interface with 15V logic level
  • Schmitt-trigger inputs
  • Two-level topologies
  • ±15V gate driving
  • Active clamping function
  • Short-circuit and overcurrent protection
  • Supply undervoltage lockout
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • Signal fiber-optic link
  • Fiber-optic status feedback
  • Reliable, long service life