LinkSwitch-HP ICs - Now Available in Surface-Mount (eSOP) Packages

May 9th, 2014

Do you want to eliminate the heatsink in your power supply and achieve <30 mW no-load? The LinkSwitch™-HP IC is now offered in an eSOP™ low-profile package that does just this. This slender new surface-mount package is suited for applications such as LCD TVs, LCD Monitors, set-top boxes and computing (up to 43 W) without heatsinks. And, in enclosed adapter designs, the thermally efficient eSOP package can supply up to 27 W using only the PCB for thermal management.

The new eSOP package features an exposed die-attached pad that may be reflow-soldered to the PCB during assembly. This permits the copper ground plane and thermal mass of the board to act as a heat sink. The 11-pin package occupies a tiny 119 mm2 footprint while still maintaining safety, creepage, and clearance distances required by international standards.

eSOP-12 package features include:

  • Low profile surface-mounting for ultra-slim designs
  • Heat transfer to PCB via exposed pad and SOURCE pins
  • Supports wave or reflow soldering

To learn more about these and other features, visit the LinkSwitch-HP product page.