Two New Dimmable LED Lighting Designs Using LYTSwitch-4

August 19th, 2013

PI has introduced two new designs for TRIAC dimmable LED drivers for bulb designs, DER-359 and DER-360. Both designs use the new LYTSwitch™-4 family of LED-driver ICs from PI.

  Bulb typeBR30PAR20
  Isolated or non-isolatedNon-IsolatedNon-Isolated
  Input voltage range90 VCA -132 VAC90 VAC- 132 VAC
  Output8 Watts (36 V, 230 mA)7.5 Watts (15 V, 500 mA)
  Efficiency85 % at 120 VAC85 % at 120 VAC
  Part number usedLYT4321ELYT4311E

Download DER-359 and DER-360 today. To learn more about additional LYTSwitch-4 designs, visit the LYTSwitch-4 product page.