Six New Videos on PI Expert v9.0

April 22nd, 2013

The latest version of PI's design software, PI Expert™ v9.0, was released in March. Now available in five languages are the following newly revised tutorials.

Simple TOPSwitch™-JX design
Learn how to build designs using TOPSwitch-JX

Simple LinkSwitch™-PL Design
Learn how to build designs using Linkswitch-PL

Component Library
Learn how to add a custom transformer and bobbin to the database

Fix device and core
Learn how to use the software to design with a fixed core and a fixed PI device

BOM Builder
Build a BOM that's exportable to key distributors for rapid prototyping

Feedback Components
Introduction to Feedback loop design in the software

To watch these videos, visit the PI Expert page or click here to open a pop-up window.