Highly Efficient 14 W Dimmable LED Design for low-line PAR20 Lamps

April 12th, 2013

PI's new design report (DER-364) is for a high power factor TRIAC dimmable, non-isolated LED driver that uses the acclaimed LYTSwitch IC. It boasts an efficiency rating of >85%, flicker-free dimming, and fast monotonic start-up (<200 ms).

Other features include:

  • Broad dimmer compatibility (meets NEMA SSL6 dimming curves) with wide selection of U.S. TRIAC-based dimmers and High dim ratio typically >1000:1
  • Turns-on and turn-off at almost the same dimming angle (no pop-on)
  • Highly integrated single-stage combined PFC and accurate primary-side regulated constant current output for low solution cost

Download this new design report (DER-364) now to learn more.