Date Title
May 10, 2016 SCALE-iDriver ICs Introduce High-Reliability SCALE-2 Driver Technology to 1200 V Applications
Apr 28, 2016 Power Integrations Reports First-Quarter Financial Results
Apr 13, 2016 Connected Thermostat Efficiency Program Heats Up
Apr 12, 2016 InnoSwitch-CE Switcher ICs from Power Integrations - Optimized for Efficiency and Standby Power Performance
Mar 31, 2016 EPA Considers Changes to ENERGY STAR TV Spec
Mar 22, 2016 900 V InnoSwitch-EP ICs Serve Industrial and Three-Phase Power Supply Applications
Mar 14, 2016 EPA Rolls Out First Draft of EV Charger Efficiency Specification
Mar 7, 2016 DOE Proposes New General Service Lamp Requirements
Mar 2, 2016 LYTSwitch-3 LED Driver ICs Support Widest Range of TRIAC Dimmers
Feb 29, 2016 U.S. EPA Anticipates Changes for Home Appliances
Feb 23, 2016 Power Integrations and Cypress Announce Reference Design for USB-PD Compliant Fast Chargers
Feb 10, 2016 California Approves First Mandatory LED Lamp Efficiency Standard
Feb 4, 2016 Power Integrations Reports Fourth-Quarter Financial Results
Jan 29, 2016 ENERGY STAR Display Spec is Finalized
Jan 25, 2016 Highly Efficient LYTSwitch-5 ICs Support Multiple LED Driver Topologies
Jan 13, 2016 InnoSwitch-CP ICs Dramatically Improve Charging Performance of Smart Mobile Devices
Jan 5, 2016 EPA Revises Set-top Box Spec
Dec 17, 2015 U.S. EPA Publishes Final Draft of Lamp Spec
Dec 10, 2015 Live InnoSwitch Webinar
Dec 8, 2015 European Commission Considers Smart Appliance Regulations
Dec 3, 2015 Getting Closer to a California LED Lamp Standard?
Nov 30, 2015 CEC Looks to Increase Plug Load Efficiency
Nov 17, 2015 Tighter Standby Power Limits for Europe?
Oct 29, 2015 CEC Proposes Regulations on LED Lamps
Oct 28, 2015 Power Integrations Reports Third-Quarter Financial Results