Date Title
Aug 23, 2016 EPA Launches ENERGY STAR Television Spec Version 8 Development
Aug 16, 2016 Richardson RFPD Announces Agreement with Power Integrations
Aug 11, 2016 DOE Proposes UPS Efficiency Standard
Aug 9, 2016 Dimmable LED Designs Using LYTSwitch-7 Are Now Available
Jul 28, 2016 Power Integrations Reports Second-Quarter Financial Results
Jul 25, 2016 Power Integrations Appoints Thomas Simonis as VP of High-Power Products
Jul 20, 2016 Canada to Update Energy Efficiency Standards
Jul 19, 2016 TRIAC-Dimmable LYTSwitch-7 LED Driver ICs from Power Integrations Cut BOM Count by 40%
Jul 12, 2016 New 17.5 W Dual Output Embedded Power Supply Design for Various Applications
Jul 5, 2016 U.S. DOE Investigating Miscellaneous Electric Loads
Jun 29, 2016 15 W CV/CC Isolated Flyback Design Using InnoSwitch-CE
Jun 23, 2016 PI Introduces 18.4 W Highly Efficient, Non-dimmable LED Driver Design for Flood Lamp Ballasts
Jun 14, 2016 ENERGY STAR Finalizes Version 5 of Set-top Box Spec
Jun 9, 2016 U.S. DOE Finalizes Battery Charger Efficiency Standard
Jun 8, 2016 LYTSwitch-1 LED Driver ICs Reduce Complexity in Bulbs, Tubes and Ballasts up to 22 W
May 31, 2016 California Moves Closer to Computer Efficiency Spec
May 10, 2016 SCALE-iDriver ICs Introduce High-Reliability SCALE-2 Driver Technology to 1200 V Applications
Apr 28, 2016 Power Integrations Reports First-Quarter Financial Results
Apr 13, 2016 Connected Thermostat Efficiency Program Heats Up
Apr 12, 2016 InnoSwitch-CE Switcher ICs from Power Integrations - Optimized for Efficiency and Standby Power Performance
Mar 31, 2016 EPA Considers Changes to ENERGY STAR TV Spec
Mar 22, 2016 900 V InnoSwitch-EP ICs Serve Industrial and Three-Phase Power Supply Applications
Mar 14, 2016 EPA Rolls Out First Draft of EV Charger Efficiency Specification
Mar 7, 2016 DOE Proposes New General Service Lamp Requirements
Mar 2, 2016 LYTSwitch-3 LED Driver ICs Support Widest Range of TRIAC Dimmers