A Solution: EcoSmart Energy-Efficiency Technology

A Solution: EcoSmart Technology

Policymakers around the world are implementing increasingly stringent efficiency standards on an wider range of end products in order to drive energy savings. Meanwhile, consumers and corporations are increasingly considering electricity usage when purchasing computers, TVs and other electronic products. Yet because the electronics industry is intensely competitive, manufacturers are seeking innovative ways to reduce energy consumption without adding cost.


“Finding ways to reduce the absolute energy consumption of today’s consumer products by 80 to 90 percent will mean the difference between stabilizing our climate and not. Manufacturers should be radically re-envisioning the design of their products to go way beyond which color, size, shape, and price point will be popular next year. It has been costing money to emit carbon dioxide for more than a century, but we have never paid it. Now the bill is coming due—with interest. Those with the most compelling solutions will prosper.”


--Chris Calwell, founder and senior research fellow at Ecos Consulting

Power Integrations’ EcoSmart™ technology drastically reduces energy consumption at no added cost to the manufacturer and with no change in behavior by the end user. EcoSmart technology acts as a brain for the power supply, intelligently managing the flow of power and maintaining high efficiency regardless of load, drastically reducing standby consumption. When there is no load, EcoSmart technology effectively shuts down the power supply, resulting in near-zero consumption.


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