Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain

Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The supply chain consists of raw material suppliers and manufacturing partners such as wafer foundries and outsourced assembly and test sub-contractors. We have a rigorous qualification process for the supply chain. As a fabless semiconductor company, we regard our manufacturing partners as an extension of our operations. We have a rigorous qualification process, and choose only established wafer foundries and assembly/test sub-contractors who are ISO 14001 certified for environmental compliance and IATF 16949 certified for quality management. We expect our manufacturing partners to subscribe to our Supplier Code of Conduct, and we audit our suppliers regularly to ensure compliance.

As a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative, PI is committed to ensuring that all of our products containing cobalt, tungsten, gold, tantalum and tin are conflict-free or sourced from compliant smelters and refiners per



Sustainable Operations

In 2010 we installed a 600-kilowatt solar array at our Silicon Valley headquarters. The $3.6-million system generates enough power to effectively take one of our three buildings off the grid and to power our parking-lot lights. Among the ten largest commercial solar installations in Silicon Valley at the time of its completion, the system is expected to prevent more than 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions over 25 years and save Power Integrations approximately $180,000 per year on its energy bills.  The solar array doubles as a shade structure, providing shelter for 280 cars. Plans are now underway to add further solar-generation capacity outside our recently acquired third headquarters building.

View a real-time data feed from the solar array

As of 2020, we have 18 electric-vehicle charging stations
installed at our headquarters location

To limit energy consumption, we employ automatic management of heating, cooling and lighting in our offices. In 2011 we completed a data-center efficiency project resulting in virtualization of more than 90% of our servers. We estimate that this project saved more than five MWh in its first five years.

Energy and Water Usage*201720182019
Grid Electricity (MWh)8,9529,82712,079
Natural Gas (therms)180,402204,816212,831
Total Grid Energy Consumption^ (MWh)14,23815,82818,315
Solar Power Generated (MWh)849813743
Total Water Consumption (HCF)6,0835,9035,220

*Includes Silicon Valley headquarters and facilities in New Jersey, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore
^Includes natural gas, converted to MWh at rate of 29.3001kWh/therm



Low-Impact Materials Use

  • All products we have introduced since 2005 are lead-free and comply with the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.
  • All products we have introduced since 2012 are also halogen-free, which makes them fully "green."
  • All of our products comply with REACH, an EU regulation which assesses the risks of chemicals to human health and the environment, and controls their inclusion in products.

Visit our Green Packaging site for additional information on the materials content of our products, including a complete list of our "green" part numbers. Visit our gate-driver product site for information on the materials used in our high-power products.