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Courtesy of Rahul:


When designing chargers with InnoSwitch parts, there are times when the customer requires greater cable drop compensation (CDC) than what the design can offer.


In such situations, it is possible to achieve a higher cable compensation through a minor design change which consists of adding a resistor from the BPS pin of the InnoSwitch to the FB-pin.


Attached is a memo that describes the problem and the proposed solution together with equations and a step by step method. One design example is also provided that shows the improvement that was achieved.

Courtesy of Sudhakar and Rahul:


Customers have successfully implemented in production these recommendations on how to reduce the peak inverse voltage stress across the output diode in flyback designs.

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This memo describes in detail the basis for a 5mm spark gap.


Since the PCB fabrication has tolerances, a 5.5mm spark gap was considered as required unless china 5000m altitude compliance is required.