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Pressure Transducer

Posted by: Pinyufe on 08/02/2022

Good Day Everyone!

I am new here. I am currently a mechanical engineering student who's doing a project involving control systems and regenerative braking. So far my system of parts include a Pressure transducer attached to a foot pedal. When the brakes are applied the pressure transducer will send a signal to alert a linear electro-mechanical actuator to engage a clutch which will in turn enable an electric motor to start generating electricity and due to its electrical load also apply some sort of braking force. I am currently using Simulink to create a simulation of what would be happening, however i need to know some formula's before hand.

I have a question regarding pressure transducer and wanted to know if there is any formula or method on how to calculate amount of voltage generated say from the pressure transducer fitted to a brake pedal. I also don't even have any clue on how much pressure is typically generated by someone applying his foot on the brake pedal of a car while braking. My main aim is to somewhat calibrate a brake pedal pressure transducer to the amount of voltage (can also be current) generated. The voltage will be fed to a controller and if it happens to exceed a certain pressure limit braking will occur. Oh also the pressure transducer I will be using would be a Voltage (or current) output Pressure transducer.

Please would anyone be able to post me any sort of feedback on pressure transducer, anything would be helpful, thanks in advance =)


Submitted by Pinyufe on 08/02/2022

Again, any help would be highly appreciated. 

Submitted by PI-Lupin the Third on 08/02/2022

Hi Pinyufe,

I'm sorry but Power Integrations specializes in products like integrated circuits used on power converters.

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