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BridgeSwitch Motor Cotrol related matters.

Posted by: Anthony Kim on 06/21/2021

I got a demo board to try the bridge switch product, and while collecting and reviewing related materials, I came across the FSB70450-D of a competitor ONsemi product.
The fact that three phases can be controlled by one package rather than each package, and the package is small

I wish PI had a product in a single package like ONsemi's FSB70450-D product.

The package is also small and easy to apply to small products.


브리지스위치 제품을 적용해 보려고 데모보드를 구했고, 관련 자료를 모아 검토해 보던 중 경쟁사 온세미 제품의 FSB70450-D 보게 되었습니다.
3상을 각각 패키지가 아닌 하나의 패키지로 제어 할수 있다는 점과 패키지가 작습니다.

PI에서도 온세미의 FSB70450-D 제품처럼 하나의 패키지로 된 제품이 있었으면 좋겠습니다.

패키지도 작고, 작은 제품에 적용하기 수월합니다.


Submitted by PI-Artoo-Detoo on 06/24/2021

Hi Anthony,

We understand your point. I provided an explanation below why BridgeSwitch architecture is different and why we believe BridgeSwitch is still superior vs integrated power modules (IPM).

1. Why half-bridge architecture for BridgeSwitch?
- The half-bridge architecture of BridgeSwitch allows flexibility of applications it can support: single-phase motor (2xBridgeSwitch) or multi-phase motors (3xBridgeSwitch)
- In addition, half-bridge architecture only dissipates 1/3 of power of a single IPM package and with high efficiency of BridgeSwitch it can operate without an external heatsink (only PCB heatsinking) up to 400 W. IPM solutions cannot do that without an external heatsink!

2. There are also huge differentiation of BridgeSwitch compare to IPM solution in terms of functionality integration. Here are some examples hopefully you will realize vs. for example ONsemi's FSB70450-D
- BridgeSwitch operates self-supply without requiring external supply circuit. ONsemi's FSB70450-D requires external power supply
- BridgeSwitch provides integrated cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protections (High-side and Low-side) which protects the device itself without an external current limit protection circuit. ONsemi's FSB70450-D requires external current sense circuit. The internal current limit protection feature of BridgeSwitch allows you to use simple Class A software.

We believe the value of BridgeSwitch is superior vs. IPM solution considering the overall value of the solution. I would suggest to refer to BridgeSwitch datasheet, application notes and reference designs for more detailed information in the below link: