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Posted by: memocan on 11/15/2019

I need to a motor driver design that it should converter mono-phase to three-phase with stable frequency (50Hz).
Or is there any PI IC suitable for this project?

Please give me a best solution/advice for me?


Submitted by PI-MrScott on 11/20/2019

Thank you for your interest in Power Integrations and its products. Our portfolio include BridgeSwitch, an integrated half bridge driver and switch in a single package that can be used in single or three-phase inverters for driving BLDC motors. Please visit the product page at for more information and design examples for this particular part. Power Integrations also offer gate driver ICs (SCALE-iDriver) for IGBT, Si and SiC MOSFET and complete solution driver boards (SCALE-2 Driver cores, SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play drivers) depending on the particular requirements. For more information, please visit the respective product pages.