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Frequency in BridgeSwitch family

Posted by: Bald_Terror on 01/17/2019

Hi all,
I'd be interested in using BridgeSwitch family drivers in a new project.
I'd like to use 2 drivers (probably BRD1165C or BRD1265C) in full bridge
configuration having an inductive charge (no motors).
My question is if 20KHz is the maximum PWM frequency or is
possible increasing it and its limit.
Thanks in advance.


Submitted by PI-MrScott on 01/21/2019

BridgeSwitch devices have internal self-supply supporting commutation PWM frequencies up to 20 kHz. The Power-Up Sequence with Self-Supply is illustrated in the datasheet along with the required minimum low-side on-time to ensure charging of the BYPASS HIGH-SIDE capacitor, device setup, and status update communication that is dependent on the bypass high-side capacitor selected.