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4 phase 3 and 4 kw 400 V D C driver

Posted by: jdver on 01/04/2019

I am putting together the starters for my SRM products and need a good low heat drive solution. I have tried the R Dump and C Dump topologies with IGBT`s but heat is an issue. What do you have to help me? I plan to sell 500 motors this year and much more next year. Different kW`s will follow.


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Submitted by PI-Artoo-Detoo on 01/08/2019

Hi jdver,

As I understand, your motor application is in kW power range. As of time being our product solution (BridgeSwitch family) which is a 600 V integrated half-bridge motor driver, caters only up to 5.5A (continuous dc output current per MOSFET) and is not suited in your SRM drive application. Please check the link below for the details of the motor driver products we are currently offering -->