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LYTSwitch-6/Innoswitch 3 Non isolated Buck

Posted by: Dspilk on Sun, 04/19/2020


We are looking at either using the GaN Parts of the LytSwitch-6 or Innoswitch 3 and I was wondering if it would be possible to utilize these parts in a non isolated buck or boost topology?

I know some of the other parts in these series have this ability, so I was curious if that was the case with these ones as well.

The reason we ask is, we do not need the isolation and are hoping to achieve higher efficiency with a non isolated topology.

Thanks in advance!


Submitted by PI-Zek on Mon, 04/20/2020


LYTSwitch-6 and InnoSwitch-3 is for applications requiring high efficiency and compact flyback design.

You can explore other devices from Power Integrations which best fit your design and preference topology. You can visit the website to search for related design examples. You can also search for design examples by entering your desired parameters:

You can also use below PI Expert designer software suite/tool from Power Integrations to help simplify and set the values of your initial design:

If you need help selecting the proper device, you can let us know the specifications/application of your power supply (input Voltage, output parameters, application, etc). Thank you.