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LNK456DG replacement

Posted by: rklausr on Fri, 06/05/2020

Please forgive me if this has been asked before. I cannot figure out how to search this forum. Why is this so difficult?
I have an older LED light design which uses an LNK456DG. This part is end-of-life and only available in full reels with significant delay.
What parts should I be looking at to replace this? Ideally with minimal board redesign.
I'm using this in a 90-265V offline non-isolated LED light, in low-side switch flyback mode. The power output I need is minimal, only about 2.5 watts (3 LEDs in series).

It looks like the LYTswitch-0 could work for me. The datasheet shows a flyback example and the package looks compatible. Is this a promising approach?
What would you suggest?
What do I need to think about?


Submitted by PI-Zek on Fri, 06/05/2020


You can always search by typing the keyword to the search bar at the upper right of the website; below the [My Account] and [Log out] toolbar. If you are not logged in, the search bar is below the [Login] and [Register] toolbar:

For a 2.5W design you can also check the following design examples as references: DER-185, DER-206, and DER-351 which use LinkSwitch-2 (an active product with newer product alternative LinkSwitch-3). Since LinkSwitch-2 device is an older product, we suggest to use newer active products like LinkSwitch-3:

For LYTSwitch-0, please take note that the maximum output current table suggests up to 280mA for the largest device size:

For samples of the product, you can always directly contact the sales offices of Power Integrations:

To help you start with the design, you can also use the software tool of Power Integrations:

Please see attached image which filters the products compatible to your specifications. Thank you. I hope this helps.

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