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LED controller board identification

Posted by: vespucci on Tue, 10/27/2020


I would need some help identifying the little controller circuit board which was connected before a LED.

It is a Transom Light of a boat with a 5mm blue LED. It was connected to 12V(13.4V) and hit by a lightning surge. The LED itself was tested and is still ok but at the output of the board we have 0V.
Can somebody identify the board or the parts?



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LED Light 63.41 KB
Controller board 67.2 KB


Submitted by PI-Zek on Thu, 10/29/2020

The markings on the packaging are not clear. Also the PCB trace is not visible. It will be hard to identify the actual part used with just the markings alone. Please see below suggestions but these are just assumptions looking on the components on the board:

It seems that the resistor is damaged, the second component from the left without the marking. You may check the resistance value using a multimeter to verify. You may also verify other components which looks like either a diode or transistor.

Please check other references related to the product which may be more helpful in identifying the issue.