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150 Watt 24 VDC constant current driver

Posted by: martyp on 01/17/2013

I would like to design a 24 VDC 150Watt driver using your chipset, that is truly compatiable with 0-10 and trailing edge dimmers. For what it's worth most dimmers such as the DEVLP-300P drops the Line voltage all the way down to 46VAC and ramps all the way up to 110VAC. Most if not all drivers fall out of the linear region, and the frontend and the control circuitry is taken out of a happy place. And at the very least causes the load to led load to flicker, or shut off all together becuase the driver can no longer source enough power to the load. So I was wondering how well your 24VDC ref design works under these conditions. I would really like to touch base with someone in your engineering staff that has a pretty good feeling what what to expect.




Submitted by PI-Dunwell on 01/20/2013

Im not sure which 150W 24V reference design your referring to. The LinkSwitch-PH family which is designed to handle phase cut dimming can go upto 75W. Currently we dont have a design example for the 150W that will be compatible with phase cut dimmers.