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a standardized and rational vintage market

Posted by: jimmy20 on Mon, 02/20/2012

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Editor's note: vintage not only happened recently, wine enterprises in Wedding dress  Chengdu launched more than six years of wine.

question is, what kind of wine can only be labeled vintage? How many hundred percent on the market full of real vintage year? 7,000 in Christian louboutin heels wine prices, how many companies have produced vintage condition? How should the price of vintage determined? Knock off Christian louboutin shoes Who to monitor and regulate this market? ... ... Annual sales reached 50 billion market is not a small market, the market is Red sole shoes destined to cohabitation can not be sustained, therefore, is willing to see Red bottom shoes consumers and businesses.


China as a wine producing and Fake rolex consuming countries, the increasingly competitive nature, and the competition will inevitably bring about the full profits of the lower unit, in order to obtain high profits, liquor companies must find a new point

According to the China Food Industry Association Professional Fake watches Committee of sampling wine, liquor sales in the christian louboutin replica top 100 companies, nearly 60% of the launch of the vintage, with annual sales of not less than 50 billion yuan. christian louboutin heels All this stems from, and commercial value of wine Christian louboutin sale linked to the year, the year the wine longer, the higher the price, the more sought after by consumers.

vintage wine industry has become the profit engine.

However, identification of the year subject to the liquor technical Christian louboutin shoes difficulties,