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Need the Support for Adaptor Its very very Urgent

Posted by: Amarender on Wed, 03/07/2012

Hi This is Amar.

I want to design a AC-DC Adaptor by using LNK419.
And the voltage and current ratings are 14.0VDC and 3.8A operating range is 100-280VAC.

I want to use PQ26/20 Transformer for this design but in PXI Software there is the no information regarding the PQ cores.

And for this design the size of the adaptor is the main Key Point , So thats why am going to use this LNK419.

Can any one please suggest me the transformer calculations and the total design of the ckt.


Submitted by PI-Skywalker on Thu, 03/08/2012

LinkSwitch-PH is the device for the LED driver application, which regulates the output current, not the output voltage for the adaptor application.

TOPSwitch-JX should be the right device for the 50 W adaptor application.