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10 w led driver for T8

Posted by: ajay124421 on 06/03/2012

Dear Sir,

Your design DER-256 is ok for 15 W T8. I am searching a 10 W led driver similar specification like der-256 for T8.

If you have any design (schematic, bom, Gerber files) then please reply.


Ajay Sharma


Submitted by PI-Dunwell on 06/04/2012

You can enter your design requirement on the PIXls and used the DER-256 as your platform. You just need to adjust/most likely reduced the size of the power components for your 10W design.
The software can be downloaded on this site if you dont have a copy of it yet

Submitted by ajay124421 on 06/08/2012

Dear Sir,

I download this software. It's good but still i do not find the schematic, bom and Gerber files of 10 w led driver for T8. Do you have any link or pdf file for this driver.


Ajay Sharma

Submitted by PI-Dunwell on 06/12/2012

You cannot get a gerber file from the Pixls. It will only give you the transformer design and external components to start your design. What I'm suggesting is for you to use the pcb and schematic of DER256 as your starting point. modify the values so that it will meet your design requirement, the control component values and transformer design, you will take from your PIXls calculations.