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How to choose common mode choke for LYT4 family . what is design procedure for inductor value, current rating for Highline input

Posted by: Radhakrishnan on 03/30/2021

what is design procedure for common mode choke such as inductor value, current rating for Highline input . Size , core. I need guidance in this topic. I have gone through the design guide for LYT4 switch family but there is not much useful information regarding the common mode choke. I need to understand this topic please help.


Submitted by PI-Zek on 04/09/2021

Thank you for your interest in LYTSwitch-4.
The selection of common mode choke depends on the EMI performance of the power supply. In general, the higher the inductance used, the lower the EMI will be. To optimize the size, the overall input filter circuit should also be taken into consideration and the allowed current rating. The core material to be used is also a factor in choosing the best for your design.

Please refer to attached application note on EMI which might help in your design/selecting common-mode choke: