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Driver design

Posted by: Brett Tunley on 03/23/2021

Hi all, we are an LED lighting manufacturer ( based in Australia and looking to get hold of a company able to assist with the design of a LED driver. We are currently using Meanwell-type drivers but looking to get some benefits from designing our own. current spec is:
- 600W (variable down to 400W) 90V output
- 200-415V input (Australian/European) - that is 1 phase 240v or 2 phase 415V commonly used in industrial applications
- 0-10V for NTC dimming function and Dali
- Drivers capable of working in parallel to get from 400W up to 1600W.
- Suitable for outdoor use - sports lights application
- Capable of 50000 hours of operation (5 years for industrial applications)

Looking at getting production outside of China but also giving us a platform to include Smarts for dimming, control etc.

If anyone has expertise in this line we'd be glad to chat.


Brett Tunley


Submitted by PI-Bombadil on 03/27/2021

Hi Brett,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not have designs going as high as 400W.. The highest that we have is a 125W LED driver using HiperPFS-4 as front end PFC and LYTSwitch-6 as DCDC flyback.